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We are an online store specialized in the sale of professional cleaning and hygiene products for all types of companies. On our platform you will find a wide variety of high quality products that will help you keep your spaces clean, disinfected and safe.

In We pride ourselves on providing quality service, with fast and secure shipping and exceptional customer service. In addition, our website complies with all the guidelines of the laws of Spain and the European Union regarding electronic commerce.

We know how important it is to maintain a clean and healthy environment in your company, especially in these times of pandemic. That is why in we have expanded our product offer to include specific solutions for hygiene and disinfection, such as hydroalcoholic gels, masks, gloves and other essential products for the prevention of contagion.

We have a wide variety of products that adapt to all the cleaning and hygiene needs of your company. From general cleaning products for offices, to specialized products for sectors such as the hospitality or food industry.

In addition, all our products are of the highest quality, which guarantees an effective and lasting cleaning. We work with the best brands in the market to ensure that our customers have access to the best professional cleaning and hygiene products.

In We strive to provide personalized, quality service, with fast, secure shipping, and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to make purchasing professional cleaning and hygiene products easy and convenient for you.

Do not hesitate and place your order today. At we take care that your products arrive on time and in perfect condition. Trust us to keep your business clean, disinfected and safe.

In We have more than 30 years of experience in the Manufacture and marketing of cleaning products intended mainly to be used in the field of industrial cleaning.

Therefore, our cleaning products are specifically designed to be used by professionals in this sector, who must periodically sanitize and disinfect large establishments and surfaces, such as hospitals, schools, nurseries, gyms, catering establishments, production workshops, industrial buildings, etc.

In this way, through our company Distributor of cleaning products You can acquire all the utensils, accessories and formulas necessary to properly sanitize even those surfaces that require deep cleaning.

This is because our long history in the field of industrial cleaning has allowed us to know not only what is the Best variety of cleaning products, perfect for sanitizing, decontaminating or disinfecting all types of areas; but also what is the most suitable formula to clean even the most difficult and delicate surfaces effectively.

Therefore, Limpiacilo Todo is considered one of the best Cleaning products companies, since we elaborate and distribute high quality items, but at the best price.

Thank you for choosing for your cleaning and professional hygiene needs!

  • Discover our industrial cleaning products

    In clean everything, Wholesalers of cleaning products, we take care of offering you the best products to clean factories and industrial buildings, which will allow these surfaces to have the optimal health conditions to carry out their activity, guaranteeing the safety of both workers and users.

    Therefore, we have a wide range of Industrial cleaning products, specifically oriented for professional use. In this way, in our online store you can find the following items for industrial cleaning:

    • Degreasers: Our degreasers have active agents, grease hydrolysers or surfactants that will allow you to comfortably and easily remove even the most resistant grease stains.
    • Disinfectants: The disinfectants we distribute are manufactured by us and have a formula that effectively cleans and decontaminates any type of surface, but without damaging it, since it is less aggressive than those sold in other large establishments.
    • Enzymatic and conventional cleaners: Our cleaners will not only help you sanitize a surface with little effort, but they are also very effective in eliminating bad odors, making them ideal for cleaning spaces with poor ventilation.

    Also, in our Distributor of industrial cleaning products You can also find all kinds of accessories for your protective equipment such as gloves, glasses, masks, overalls or creams that will allow you to work safely. Find the best in tools, protective accessories and industrial cleaning products by visiting our website.

  • Find the best household cleaning products

    Also, in our Cleaning products company, you can also find a wide variety of items to carry out household cleaning tasks.

    Therefore, if you are the owner of a business that is dedicated to the sale of these products at retail, contact Limpie Lo Todo to have a large selection of household cleaning products at a very good price, among which we highlight:

    • Drugstore: Our online store has a wide range of drugstore, cleaning and cleaning items, such as: detergents, insecticides, dishwashers, cleaners, degreasers, colognes, bleach, ammonia, etc.
    • Air fresheners: Also, in Limpiacilo Todo we also have air fresheners both to eliminate bad odors from a room or room and from our clothes. In this way, in our catalog you can find a multitude of air fresheners with different types of soft and pleasant fragrances.
    • Soil treatment: If you are looking for products capable of protecting even the most delicate surfaces, in our online store you can also get items to pick, polish and keep your floor in perfect condition.

  • Sale of cleaning products for companies

    If you are looking for a point of sale of Cleaning products for companies small and medium, Clean Everything is the perfect option for you.

    Are Wholesalers of cleaning products For decades, so we have great experience in this sector, which allows us to offer you cheap and high quality cleaning products.

    Discover all the products and cleaning tools we have by taking a complete look at our catalog.


We are an online store committed to our customers and to the compliance with all the guidelines that mark the laws of Spain and the European Union in the field of electronic commerce. On our platform you will find a wide variety of cleaning products for home and business, all of them of high quality and at competitive prices.

We are proud to have high ratings in reviews on both Google and Trustpilot, which demonstrates the level of satisfaction of our customers with our products and our service. In addition, we are proud to have earned the trust of more than 8000 companies that trust us to keep their spaces clean and disinfected.

In We strive to provide personalized, quality service, with fast, secure shipping, and exceptional customer service. We hope you find everything you need to keep your home or business clean and sanitized in our online store. en Verficaciones reseñas trustpilot

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