Supplies of cleaning and hygiene products for businesses and businesses. offers a large catalog of professional cleaning products needed for our customers. Fast delivery from 24 hours to the entire peninsula including Portugal.

With a great experience in the cleaning sector and online sale, we serve specialized products for each company: hospitals, clinics, workshops, car wash tunnels, laundromats, offices, hospitality, bars, restaurants, children's schools and for any type of business.

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In you can find cleaning products not only for business, but also for individuals to clean easily and professionally all corners of your home or office.

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I was able to find a scholarly catalog organized by categories such as Cellulose(all types of paper products), Chemical (products of professional cleaning chemicals such as scrubs, pen removeritis, ecological, degreasers, air fresheners, etc.) Protection (gloves, work clothes, masks, etc.) Devices (paper dispensers, soap dispensers such as soaps, cleaning machinery, rotary machines, scrubbers, cleaning carts, hydrocleaners, vacuum cleaners, etc.) CLEANING TOOLS (bayettes, garbage bags of all sizes, scouringboards, brushes, buckets, sprayers, containers, mops, sticks or handles, mops, etc.)

We also have certified and approved products by all the necessary agencies of Disinfectants in the face of the COVID19. Virucid/viricized cleaning products registered with the Ministry of Health.