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TEMPOL E - Detergent for superfoaming projection

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Tempol E it is an activated shampoo with great detergent power, degreaser and stabilized foaming. Slightly viscous and easily soluble liquid in water. Its formulation incorporates active, moisturizing and emulsifying fats, which give it a great degreasing cleaning power degreases. The foam is very stable and with great moisture power suitable to dissolve dirt and not slip from the body before reaching the brushes. Specially formulated for use water of any hardness.

TEMPOL E contains in its formulation preservatives that delay the aerobic decomposition of the product, avoiding the formation of unpleasant odors when there is recovery of wastewater (by decanting).


Its field of application is washing tunnels for foam spraying by means of a dosing pump, venturi system or compressed air mixer. Sprayoning in passenger car tires: Removes dust from ferreand and grease easily. Rolling vehicle fronts and windshields. Eliminatemosquitos, bird droppings - Cleaning of fumes inside the hood and engine cabin. Hand cleaning or spraying of all kinds of vehicles.


Dosage is depending on the way in use: In automatic equipment, washing bridges to produce foam, depending on the hardness of the water, the dosage is 0.8 to 4% at the outlet per nozzle. When cleaning is manual or sprayed in vehicles, the concentration is 1 to 2 %. When used for mosquito removal, ferode and dilute fat from 2 to 5 %.


Causes skin irritation. Causes serious eye damage. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.


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