PQ-BATHROOMS - Descaling Cleaner

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Cleaner, acid descaling specially indicated for cleaning and hygiene of the surfaces of the bathrooms, eliminating traces of lime, inlays and dirt in general.

Quickly and effectively dissolves stains and limestone deposits from surfaces. Formulated to minimize impact on the environment and ensure safer use, it provides excellent cleaning performance, and prevents lime deposits.

Quick action

Low dosages

Suitable for any type of water

Eliminates odors

Nice aroma

Doesn't damage materials


Quickly removes heavily bonded lime inlays. Cleans, removes inlays and sanitizes floors, walls, bathtubs, sinks and toilets leaving a bright look and avoiding lime depositions.

Can be used on chrome-plated surfaces, aluminum and stainless steel.

It is used in low dosages.

IMPORTANT: Do not mix with other products, ammonia, bleach or any other product containing chlorine.


When cleaning surfaces with light tanks dilute 10% in water. For surfaces with resistant lime tanks use up to 20% in water.

Apply the solution of the product to the surface leaving it to act for several minutes and rub with the help of a cloth or a scouring pad and rinse with plenty of water. Proper dosing saves and reduces environmental impact.

For cleaning and descaling W.C. and urinals, apply the pure product to the upper areas and let it drain. After several minutes rinse with water.


Between 1- 3 % non-ionic surfactants, 1- 3% organic acid, Perfume 2% and dye. Allergenic fragrances: d-limonene.


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