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MARDHES H70 it is an alkaline degreaser for cleaning by projecting heavily contaminated metal and plastic surfaces.

It contains surfactants and sequerantes that provide high performance in cleaning all types of surfaces, painted or lacquered surfaces of stainless steel and aluminum from the outside of railway cars, buses, trams and meters, even in areas high hardness water,


Specially developed for use in rail and metropolitan vehicle washing tunnels in high water dilutions. Also indicated for the elimination of fats, oils and other pollution due to traffic.

It can also be used by projection equipment or in manual cleaning by brushes.

  • Transport:

Cleaning traffic pollution in transport vehicles, railways and metropolitan vehicles. High efficiency in cleaning fats, oils, muds and carbon residues in Diesel or gasoline engines and in cleaning covering tarpaulins, both synthetic and natural fiber For its balanced foaming power is an ideal product for use in automotive machines projection equipment and washing tunnels.

  • Hotel:

As a general degreaser, it easily removes greases and oils on countertops, ovens, extractor hoods, work tables, tiles and floors. It can be used on stainless steel surfaces recovering the brightness of the surfaces and in the cleaning of vertical walls with foam machines.


For cleaning traffic pollution in washing tunnels and by projection equipment dilute the product between 1 and 5 % in water, finally washing with water. If cleaning is done manually, dilute between 5 and 10% in water, spray the product and leave to act for 2 or 3 minutes, rub with brush and finally completely rinse the surface with clean water.

As a degreaser, the usual spray concentrations can be applied by spraying, immersion or foaming, they are 20 to 40%, depending also on the type and amount of dirt.

When applied manually, the minimum recommended concentration is 10%. In all cases, a final wash with pressing water should be performed.


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