MARDHES MG - Alkaline Stripping Degreaser


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Alkaline stripping degreaser. 

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MARDHES MG It's a degreaser being a general-purpose alkaline detergent containing alkalis, biodegradable surfactants, sequestrants and bioalcohols for the elimination of vegetable fats and oils. It is suitable for restaurants, kitchens, food industry, etc. It has an optimal performance in high hardness waters.


It is very effective in the exterior cleaning of equipment and walls with strong contaminations of fats, oils of all kinds and remains of carbonaceous, and cleaning of vegetable fats in the food industry. It can be used for cleaning heavily contaminated surfaces in industrial facilities and equipment manually or by projection equipment. Recommended for cleaning interior and exterior walls of buildings.


It can be used by hand, using cloths and brush. by spraying, by spraying and by projection. The concentration can vary from pure to 20% in water depending on how strong the area to be applied is contaminated. The way of use would be to apply the product in the corresponding dilution and leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes, rub with a brush or cloth and finally rinse with clean water. 


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