PQ-BRILL - Self-coating Degreaser Self-odorizing Cleaner

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Self-bright-odorizing degreaser/cleaner.

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PQ-BRILL It is a general purpose energetic degreasing detergent, composed of a mixture of light alkaline salts, sequesters, biodegradable surfactants and corrosion inhibitors, which has multiple applications, leaving surfaces with a slight shine.

It contains no volatile products and is stable in any concentration of use and in any storage condition.


PQ-BRILL it is formulated for the cleaning of light contaminations, greases, oils, dust, charcoals and any other type of contamination that may appear on surfaces whether painted or unpainted. It does not attack plastics, paints or metallic materials such as aluminum, copper and their alloys . It is very useful in cases where low foam and ease of rinsing with no debris is necessary. In addition to the PQ-BRILL cleaning eliminates the germs that cause odors leaving a pleasant smell of pine.


The dosage of PQ-BRILL is based on the dirt to be removed. It is generally recommended for use in concentrations of 1% to 10% in water. The product is dissolved in water, applying it by manual means, and finally rinsing with water if necessary. PQ-BRILL does not leave any residue or whitish residue on the treated surfaces.