LIMPOL GLASS - Glass Cleaner

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Glass cleaner

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LIMPOL GLASS It's a Glass cleaner Multipurpose. Neutral liquid of light blue soluble in water formulated with bioalcohols and surfactants that considerably reduce surface tension facilitating the penetration of the product in the most unruly dirt (smokes, greases, organic residues, etc.) remove it quickly. 


Fast evaporation and high degree of cleaning is a product of easy application in the cleaning of vitrificadad surfaces, mirrors, glazed countertops, crystals, etc. leaving the crystals bright and perfectly dry instantly.

It also contains agents that prevent fogging, a very useful feature in cleaning interiors of car glass.


Use as supplied, spraying the product on the surface to be cleaned and scrubbing with a special dry cloth for crystals or a piece of secamanos paper (leaving no debris), leaving to dry completely for 1 to 2 minutes.

In some cases it may be diluted in water by approximately 50% when the dirt to be removed is very light.


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