PQ-ACTIVE ENZYME WASH & TEX - Enzyme liquid detergent

PQ-ACTIVE ENZYME WASH & TEX - Enzyme liquid detergent

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PQ-ACTIVE ENZYME WASH & TEX - Enzyme liquid detergent
PQ-ACTIVE ENZYME WASH & TEX - Enzyme liquid detergent

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- Pack 25LT


Concentrated enzyme liquid detergent for washing all kinds of fabrics, leaving a fresh and pleasant smell on the clothes. It is specially formulated for automatic dosing systems ensuring a high washing efficiency even low temperatures and in all types of waters, maintaining a low concentration of ions responsible for the hardness of the water and therefore preventing precipitation of its detergent components, Its anti-souring properties enhances the color of the fabrics.

It incorporates Enzymes of the Evity generation stabilized with Boro-free stabilizer that facilitate the removal of protein dirt such as blood stains and food and that allow a reduction of the load of chemicals working at non-caustic pH and lengthening the life of the fabric, reducing rejections and therefore of laundry and the energy cost by reducing the temperature of the washing.


Dosage: Dosages will vary slightly depending on the level of dirt

Dirt level(ml/kg. Dry clothing)
Under8 – 12
Middle12 – 15
High15 – 30

Use the programs preferably at temperatures between 40oC and 60oC in a pH range of 8.5-10 and between 6 and 12 minutes in pre-washing and washing.

In any case it is recommended not to go from a pH 10.5 in the prewash and of pH 9 in the wash for 6 minutes with a maximum temperature of 70oC so that the enzymes can act.


Non-ionic surfactants <15%, Anionic surfactants <15%, Enzymes <1%, Optical whiteners <1%, Phosphonates <5%, Propanol-1,2-diol < 5% and preservatives.

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