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MARSTRIP ECO - Non-corrosive paint remover

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Non-flammable product formulated with a mixture of solvents with tensed actives, moisturizers and alkaline components for removal of graffiti and graffiti, on any washable surface, both porous and smooth, including those with a base paint.

It does not contain aromatic hydrocarbons, nor phenols, being an easily usable product and low level of toxicity.


It can be used to remove all types of graffiti, including pen spens and pens on any type of surface.

It is very effective on porous plastic surfaces, as it removes the paint from the pores to be easily removed with a mechanical drag. There is no corrosive attack on the materials. It can soften certain gums or plastics if permanent contact occurs with them.

Leaves a certain shine on the painted surfaces without attacking the base paint.


It is used pure, either by projection or manually by brush, leaving it to act for at least 3 minutes preventing the product from dry on the surface.

It is then rubbed with a brush, dry clean cloth or wet in water. It is advisable to make a final rinse with water or detergent to leave no residue of the product. If the stains have not completely disappeared, repeat the procedure.

For heavy-thickness or high-exposure painting, gently rub with a scouring pad.


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