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CLOTH FOR CRYSTALS PVA MICRO VILEDA (Pack 5 cloths same color)

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PVA Micro Vileda Cloth, absorbent and efficient on any surface. A high quality cloth available in four colors to choose from: pink, blue, green and yellow. Pack 5 cloths of the same color.

A new generation cloth, exclusive and with a technology of combined materials, which will offer you impeccable results during cleaning. Size of 38 x 35 cm.

Bayeta Vileda Professional

The Vileda Professional Cloth is unique and exclusive in the market and, without a doubt, it is one of the best cloths you can buy. The fibers of the PVA cloth penetrate the most embedded dirt and remove the deepest stains. Thanks to its microfibers, you will achieve an efficient cleaning with just one pass, both professionally and domestically.

For all surfaces

Vileda PVA Micro cloths guarantee perfect results on almost all surfaces, since in addition to removing dirt, they leave no traces. Use them on kitchen benches, bathrooms, office furniture, glazed surfaces, stainless steel, etc. You can differentiate the areas and uses by acquiring the different colors of cloths available.

PVA Micro cloths (also known as Actifibre Vileda cloths) offer excellent results on crystals and surfaces. The relief of the cloths allows to obtain instant results, offering as a result dry surfaces, without traces of spots, drops or hairs.

Advantages Bayeta Vileda Professional PVA

Vileda cloths are guaranteed a cleaning capacity that ensures perfect results even on glazed or glossy surfaces. At the same time, they are characterized by their cleanliness without traces, that is, they clean when wet or wet, and dry in a single pass.

PVA Cloth Maintenance

PVA cloths are antibacterial, because when they drain they 'self-clean'. The PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) material helps remove the remains of dirt that a traditional cloth retains. In addition, to remove the most difficult dirt you can wash it in a washing machine up to 60ºC.

Before their first use, it is important that they are rinsed with abundant water and drained successively. Even if it is dry and seems unmanageable, when it becomes wet again, it will recover all its properties.

Available in 4 colors

PVA cloths are sold in packs of 5 units of the same color: blue, green, pink or yellow. 

The cloth is sold in four different colors so that the color-coded HACCP regulations can be met, one color for each work area in the same way that cross-contamination and the transfer of dirt from one area to another will be avoided.

More information:

  • It is not advisable to leave it exposed to the sun or heat, nor should it be washed with products such as bleach.
  • Not only is it important to follow good practices in cleaning and hygiene, but so is the choice of the right cloth. Bet on this range of professional use that ensures maximum results and high profitability!
  • The price indicated is for the package of 5 cloths of the same color. 

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