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Black trash bags in different sizes. The articlo sold in rolls, not in bag units or boxes. Each bag measurement goes different format so we leave below a table that gives more characteristics of each. The manufacture of these bags is made of 100% recycled material. 

What is Galga?

The gauge is a unit of length, it is used to measure the thickness of very thin or extremely thin materials. With this unit of measurement we detail the thickness of the garbage bags.

Item number Item description Bag units per roll Roll units per box Gauge Comment
BOL00006 BLACK UNTERELA BAG 110X120 PAQ.10 UD 10 20 130
BOL00007 BLACK UNTERELA BAG 115X150 PAQ.10 UD 10 15 120
BOL00069 BLACK UNTERE BAG 120X105 PAQ.10 UD 10 20 140
BOL00008 BLACK UNTERE BAG 52X60 PAQ.25 UD 25 60 80 Small trash
BOL00059 BLACK BASURE BAG 60X90 PAQ.20 UD 20 25 120
BOL00070 BLACK UNTEREBAG 70X70 PAQ.20 UD 20 40 120
BOL00012 BLACK UNTEREBAG 70X90 PAQ.10 UD 10 40 120
BOL00010 BLACK UNTERE BAG 80X90 PAQ.10 UD 10 25 120
BOL00011 BLACK UNTERE BAG 85X105 PAQ.10 UD 10 30 120 Community
BOL00019 BLACK BASE BAG 85X105 PAQ.10 UD G-300 10 15 300 Community

Keep in a cool, dry environment, away from sources of heat or moisture. Indicate that such bags do not carry self-closing. 


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