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Rodapillo - Brush sweeps floors and baseboards

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The evolution of the traditional broom

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RODAPILLO - is the definitive overcoming of the traditional aroom.

Its design multifunction facilitates the cleaning baseboards and inaccessible spaces, effortless, no stairs or unsafe postures.

Its differentiated thread allows coupling easily broom stick in 2 positions, multiplying the cleaning performance: one for sweeping floors and baseboards; and another to reach surfaces in height (fences of doors and cabinets, moldings and ceiling lamps, blind boxes, windows, railings, wall sconces, air conditioning fins, signage profiles, lofts, etc.).

The special despuntado of the flexible fibers of the main brush guarantee the optimal performance of the sweep to catch, of a pass, lint, hairs and hairs of pet.

The versatility of the Rodapillo -unique design in the market- makes it an unbeatable tool to clean homes and buildings with efficiency, agility, safety and optimizing times.

Includes replacement of microfiber bayette adapted with extendable rubber.

Recambio microfibra RODAPILLO


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