Cases in which to return a product

There are several cases in which a user can exercise their right to return a product. The first of these is because it is defective, in which case the warranty policy would apply. The second one is that the specifications of the chosen product do not adapt to your description due to a typographical error. Spanish legislation includes a trial period of 14 days in which the user can return a product for not meeting their expectations. 

How to make a return?

Call our contact telephone number to be informed of how to proceed with a return.

Who pays the shipping costs for returns?

If the product is damaged or defective, everything is at's expense. (With the passage of time or with direct exposure to the sun, the color of the materials is lost but does not influence in any case the effectiveness of the product. If you have any questions, please contact our technical support department). 

If it is a return because you do not want the product or do not like it, the buyer must assume the expenses. The transport companies try to deliver up to two times at the address you have indicated, if you can not deliver the transport company will automatically return to our warehouse. This is equivalent to another shipment of parcels for the return to our warehouse, all these shipping costs and the return are assumed by the buyer. Please make sure to put a secure shipping address of receipt. 

Are there items that cannot be returned?

Yes, some products cannot be returned. These are personal hygiene products and will not accept returns of items damaged by use or that are incomplete.

Can I make a change?

You can place a new order either after recovering the money of the return, or at any time, since return and new order are independent processes.