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Hand antiseptic and surface disinfectant, USE BY THE GENERAL PUBLIC

This product is included in the list of products recommended to COVID19 of the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Hand washing formulation recommended by WHO (formula 2) to isopropyl alcohol base and hydrogen peroxide, with protective excipients of the skin, which can be used for both hygienic hand antiseptic purposes for both the general public and people in the environment of the sick, given proven microbicide activity of rapid action and wide spectrum (Bactericide, Fungicide, Levuricide and Virucida) with minimal risk of generating antimicrobial resistance. It is suitable for application in hands with manual or automatic dispensers.

It is also a recommended product for disinfection of surfaces (Bactericide, Fungicide, Levuricide and Virucida), ready to use, without dilution, by spraying on surfaces in the public and private sphere, which require a high hygienic quality to prevent cross infections (countertops, utensils and kitchen trays, appliances, garbage bins, surfaces in toilets and bathrooms, and all kinds of objects and surfaces in the home , including clothing, household clothing and textile parts of furniture). It does not stain clothing or damage surfaces, but it is recommended to pre-test their compatibility with the product by applying it in non-visible areas. Quick evaporation. It doesn't need clarification. It is also suitable for surfaces close to the sick.

Authorized by the D.G.S.P. for: Use in Hand Hygiene and Disinfection of Surfaces in the Private Sphere. Contact disinfection


For external use only. Apply 3 ml of the product to the hand, clean and dry, and rub the hands until drying, trying to spread the product all over its surface (front and back). Do not use in people sensitive to their components. Use with caution in children under 2 years of age. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and sensitive or damaged areas of the skin.

DOSAGE AND EMPLOYMENT MODE as Surface Disinfectant:

Use pure, after thorough cleaning or at stops between processes, and apply by spraying (about 20 cm away), or immersion, leave to act for a few minutes (at least 2 min.), pass a disposable cloth or paper to drag dirt or contamination remaining and let dry. If necessary, repeat the operation. It does not need further rinsing. Always apply in the absence of food or feed. Avoid cleaning hot surfaces with the product as it is flammable. Apply to textiles by direct spraying at approx. 20 cm and allow to dry before putting on the garment or work.


Do not ingest. Stay out of reach of children. Remove the contents and/or your container as hazardous waste in accordance with current regulations.

Substances that contribute to classification: propan-2-ol


Poisoning can cause: Headache, vertigo, hallucinations, CNS depression and coma. Eye and skin irritation. Nausea, vomiting and hemorrhagic gastritis. Contact dermatitis and sensitization. Symptoms compatible with ethylic poisoning.


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