The cleaning trolleys they are one of the most useful working instruments for professionals in the cleaning sector. This is because this tool allows us to move cleaning buckets, mops, brooms, mops, cloths, chemicals, as well as other cleaning tools from one place in a comfortable and simple way, thus facilitating the work of professionals.

Therefore, when we are dedicated to cleaning large surfaces such as hotels, shopping centres, hospitals, schools or institutes, cleaning trolleys become our best allies to perform all kinds of disinfection and cleaning tasks, since it allows us to store and transport everything necessary to sanitize different areas, thus influencing our productivity in a very positive way.

In Clean It All We Have a wide variety of cleaning trolleys. We encourage you to visit our website and discover the best models of cleaning trolleys that will help you perform all kinds of cleaning tasks in a comfortable and simple way.

Types of professional cleaning trolleys

Depending on the tasks to be performed, we can find different classes of cleaning trolleys for professionals in the market, which have a very specific characteristic that differentiates them from other types of cars.

Next, we will indicate what are the types of professional cleaning trolleys that you can find in our catalog:

  • Laundry carts

These trolleys are widely used both in hospitals and clinics as well as in hotels and restaurants, as they serve to transport used clothes to the laundry area. Therefore, these trolleys usually have a large load capacity, allowing you to transport a multitude of clothes with great comfort.

  • Tray trolleys

This device to perform industrial cleaning tasks includes a series of trays or levels that will allow you to store all your cleaning tools in an orderly manner, thus making them more accessible. However, some of these models usually include a bag holder that we can use to store dirty clothes, garbage or other types of waste.

  • Self-supporting trolleys

These professional cleaning trolleys they are usually mainly intended for the sanitization and disinfection of soils. Therefore, they usually include two large buckets, as well as a small press to drain the mop. Also, this type of cleaning carts usually have a small compartment to store some of the most basic cleaning tools.

Find small cleaning carts

However, if you dedicate yourself professionally to this sector, but you perform your tasks in areas less spaces such as pubs, bars or small restaurants, in Clean It All you can also find small cleaning trolleys.

Our small cleaning trolleys they will allow you to have at hand all the products you need without having to be moving from one area of the premises to another. In this way, you can exercise your cleaning tasks more efficient and productive.

We encourage you to take a full look at the catalog of our cleaning products to find the best models of professional cleaning trolleys, both large and small, at the best price.

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