When cleaning large surfaces such as Hospitals, shopping centers, hotels or educational centers, we need to have professional cleaning tools, specifically designed to clean very spacious and spacious areas as comfortably as possible.

Therefore, the Industrial cleaning buckets They will be our best allies when carrying out professional cleaning tasks, since it allows us to transport all our tools to scrub the floor with great comfort.

This is because the Industrial cleaning buckets They usually have wheels that allow you to transport them very easily from one room to another, regardless of its weight and capacity.

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In We have a wide range of industrial cleaning buckets, Perfect for professionals in the cleaning sector, as it will facilitate the performance of their tasks.

Features of industrial mop buckets

When choosing an industrial mop buckets, it is necessary that we value our needs as cleaning professionals and that we take into account the following characteristics:

  • Capacity

Industrial mop buckets have a greater capacity than conventional ones, since they are oriented to the cleaning of very large and extensive spaces. Therefore, medium-sized industrial cleaning buckets usually have a capacity between 25 and 30 liters, while large ones have a capacity between 50 and 80 liters. Depending on the characteristics of the surface to be cleaned, you should choose a bucket with a size that suits your needs.

  • Portability

Being objects of large size and capacity, industrial mop buckets must have mechanisms that allow them to be transported comfortably and easily, thus preventing cleaning professionals from suffering any type of damage or injury.

  • Type of drainer

The industrial mop buckets of more than 15 liters do not include conventional drains, but a press type, which allows you to remove excess water from your mop comfortably and effectively.

In Límpialo Todo we have the best selection of Industrial mop buckets, ideal for cleaning large surfaces. Find the best models by visiting our online store Cleaning products for professionals.

We have small scrubbing buckets

In the event that you are an individual or that you dedicate yourself to professional cleaning but the industrial scrubbing buckets are too large or bulky, in Limpialo Todo we also have Small scrubbing buckets.

Our small scrubbing buckets are ideal for cleaning small spaces and medium-sized areas, as they have a capacity of less than 20 liters. Also, in our catalog we have Small scrubbing buckets with wheels, which allow them to be transported with little effort.

Find mop buckets with pedal and wheels

In Limpiacilo Todo, our online store of professional cleaning products, we have a wide variety of Mop buckets with pedal and wheels that will allow you to carry out your tasks easily and quickly.

In this way, in our catalog you will find the best selection of buckets for industrial cleaning, which include multiple features and functionalities that will facilitate the performance of your professional tasks.

We encourage you to take a look at our online store to find The best mop buckets with pedal and wheels and at the best price.