Polishing machines are devices that are used both to clean and to polish, decapping, polishing and removing scratches or scratches that may present a surface.

However, to perform each of these different functions, the machine must have accessories known as discs for polishers that will allow the cleaning professional to leave the floor completely untouched. Therefore, depending on the disc for polishers that we install, our machine will be able to clean a carpet, polish a floor or polish a surface.

In this way, the main types of discs for polishers that we can find in the market are the following:

  • White disc

The white discs for polishers are the most suitable for delicate floors being used both to polish shape very soft and at low speed, as well as to carry out superficial scrubbing on floors without stains.

  • Red disc

These discs for polishers are a little more aggressive than the previous ones. However, it still offers a treatment of great softness for the floor, being used both to clean and to remove some slight marks that it may present.

  • Blue disc

The blue discs can not only dry scrub floors that have a lot of dirt, but they can also decap them. Therefore, it is said that these discs are hardness intermediate.

  • Brown disc

Brown discs for polishers are listed as average aggressiveness, since they can decap and dry clean even floors protected with chemicals.

  • Black disc

these disks have a capacity high abrasive, so they are used to perform deep cleanings, as well as to decapar and polish floors that have not received the necessary care and treatments for a long time.

In Clean It All Up, we have a wide selection of discs for 3M polishers, one of the most recognized brands in the manufacture of this type of accessories, since its discs are made with excellent quality materials that contribute to the floor looking clean and bright for longer. Check out our catalog of cleaning products.

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