Discover our selection of Protective and cleaning gloves in, specially designed to ensure the safety and comfort of your hands during your cleaning tasks. Our range includes latex, nitrile, vinyl and eco-friendly gloves, available in different sizes and colours. Ideal for domestic, professional and industrial use, these gloves will allow you to maintain a hygienic and protected environment while taking care of your hands.

Acquire the perfect torque and ensure efficient and safe cleaning!

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The Cleaning gloves They are one of the essential sanitation accessories for professionals in this sector. This is because this security element is not only responsible for protecting our hands from the action of bacteria or microorganisms that are housed on the surfaces that we are going to clean; It also prevents wounds or irritations on the skin, caused by contact with chemicals or cleaning instruments.

For this reason, the Cleaning gloves They are essential to perform all kinds of tasks of Disinfection and sanitation with total safety, thus ensuring the well-being of the professional.

In Clean it all We have a wide variety of cleaning gloves very functional and ideal for doing different types of tasks. Find the best models of Gloves for cleaning visiting our website.

Nitrile gloves: the most popular

One of the most popular types of gloves in the field of professional cleaning are undoubtedly nitrile gloves.

The nitrile gloves They are the perfect alternative to the classic latex gloves, since they have a series of properties that make them The best option to protect our hands of all kinds of external agents.

First of all, this type of gloves are characterized by being composed of synthetic rubber, a very resistant to abrasions and punctures. Therefore, nitrile gloves can not only withstand extreme temperatures, but also have a great resistance to microperforations, given their elasticity. Therefore, the nitrile gloves They are used to perform a multitude of tasks both in the sanitary field and in the electronics and cleaning.

Also, another advantage of these cleaning gloves is their price, being, nitrile gloves, some of The most economical on the market.

Other types of professional gloves

However, in the market we can find a large selection of gloves for professional use, each of which is designed to perform certain types of tasks.

Here are some of the types of Professional gloves most popular you can find in Limpie Lo Todo:

  • Cotton gloves

Cotton gloves are often used as protective equipment for cleaning, handling electronic devices, inspections, etc. In this way, cotton gloves not only have a very soft and pleasant touch, but also adequately protect the worker.

  • Latex gloves

These gloves are mainly used in the sanitary sector, as well as in the cleaning industry, as they are resistant to both cuts and abrasions. However, they are not as comfortable as nitrile gloves.

  • Work gloves

Work gloves are designed for gardening, DIY or carpentry. Therefore, these gloves usually include protections on knuckles and fingers so as not to suffer any type of damage while we perform this kind of work.

Discover these and many other types of Professional gloves more, taking a full look at our catalog.

Find hygienic gloves

In Limpialo Todo, our online store of accessories and cleaning products, you will find a wide variety of hygienic gloves with which you can perform all kinds of cleaning tasks.

Our Hygienic gloves They are designed so that you can take care of all kinds of disinfection tasks, but with total safety and peace of mind.

We encourage you to take a look at our catalog to find the Best models of cleaning gloves and at the best price.

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