Disinfectant cleaning products

The disinfectant cleaning products are those that allow us to have any type of surface free of bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms that can harm our health.

Therefore, the use of disinfectants to perform certain household hygiene tasks is strongly recommended. However, these products to disinfect are especially important in professional environments, being their use completely essential in spaces of the health sector, such as hospitals, clinics, geriatricsetc.

However, they should also be used disinfectant cleaning products in places dedicated to the food industry, such as storage or food processing warehouses, as well as areas for its distribution, such as supermarkets or small food stores.

Likewise, the disinfectant cleaning products they should also be used very regularly in bathrooms and toilet areas with a great frequency of passage, such as those of sports centers, restaurants, shopping centers, offices, etc.

In this way, disinfectant cleaning products are the best allies of industrial cleaning professionals, since it allows them to wipe out all kinds of pathogens and microorganisms harmful to our health in a comfortable and simple way.

Discover the best disinfectant cleaners

In Clean It All we have different types of disinfectant cleaning products, perfect for sanitizing even the most difficult surfaces. In this way, in our catalog you can find some of the disinfectant cleaners most popular on the market, such as:

  • Viricides

These cleaning products have a bactericidal and fungicidal formula free of bleaches that will help you keep disinfected surfaces where maximum hygienic quality is required. In this way, we can use this product in schools, toilets, changing rooms, residences and all kinds of crowded places completely safely.

  • Chlorinated cleaners

Chlorine-based disinfectant cleaners are very effective in eliminating all kinds of viruses and bacteria, and can be used mainly on floors, walls and ceilings. Also, we must avoid using it on metals since, given its oxidizing capacity, it can corrode them.

  • Quaternary ammonium-based cleaners

Ammonium-based products are characterized by their low toxicity, as well as their bactericidal and viricidal properties, which makes it one of the best options for industrial cleaning professionals. Also, one of its most common functions is the sanitization of toilets and toilets since this type of cleaners usually include soft and pleasant perfumes.

If you want to know all the types of types of disinfectant cleaners of which we have, take a look at our catalog and discover our wide variety of disinfectants.

Discover our cleaning disinfectant products

In Clean It All, we have more than three decades of experience in the sector of both the manufacture and distribution of products and cleaning tools.

Therefore, in our long history it has allowed us to perfect our formulas, thus being able to offer you cleaning disinfectant products of great quality and at the best price. Discover all our disinfectant cleaners through our website.

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