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For many, cars go beyond being just means of transport. Therefore, there is a large sector of the population that considers the care and maintenance of their vehicle as their greatest hobby, always worrying about using the best cleaning products for cars that they make their vehicle look completely flawless.

For this reason, we can affirm that customers are increasingly demanding and go to establishments specialized in the cleaning of vehicles that use products of excellent quality and that not only leave our vehicle untouched both inside and outside, but also provide a polished and shiny finish.

Therefore, in Límpialo Todo we have car wash products that will be able to satisfy the needs of your clientele, thus getting them to come regularly to your establishment to clean their vehicle.

This is because in our online store we don't just have car wash products intended for the body cleaning and other external elements of the vehicle, but we also have products to clean the interior of the car, as well as others to remove impurities housed in the engine and its components.

Types of car cleaning products

At Clean It All, we have a wide variety of car wash products. However, we are going to indicate below some of the items for cleaning vehicles most sought after by our customers:

  • Car brightener

Our automotive brighteners have a high quality formulation capable of brightening surfaces as varied as polyvinyl, plastic or vinyl. Therefore, it can be applied on dashboards, bumpers and other surfaces, thus achieving a shiny and shiny mirror effect.

  • Body cleaner

Body cleaners are characterized by their great degreasing power, detergent and foaming, so they are able to dissolve even the most embedded dirt in our body before starting the brushing phase.

  • Tire cleaner

Our tire cleaners are able to remove all the remains of grease and dirt that this area of our vehicle presents, but without damaging its surface. They also have a dirt indicator that changes color when our tire is clean, leaving them not only with a lot of brightness, but also with a protective film that will keep our tires clean for longer.

  • Liquid wax for cars

Waxing is one of the most important phases of cleaning our vehicle, since it is responsible for creating a film that not only makes our car look bright and impeccable, but also protects our vehicle against external agents such as dust, dirt or sunlight that could deteriorate the paint on the body.

  • Upholstery cleaner

If you want to apply a treatment to the upholstery of your vehicle so that it looks clean and with a soft and pleasant smell, on our website we have antiviral upholstery cleaners, as well as specialized in the care of leather and leather upholstery.

We have professional cleaning products for cars

In Límpialo Todo, our shop of industrial cleaning supplies, we have the best professional cleaning products for cars. This is because our car chemicals have a formulation that disinfects and cleans in depth the different parts of the vehicle, but in a smooth way, thus not damaging any of the components of the car.

We encourage you to take a look at our website to find a great selection of professional products for cleaning cars designed to be used in car washes, washing tunnels, pitsetc.

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