The eco-friendly cleaning products they are the best alternative for those who are committed to the preservation and conservation of the environment.

They are products that you can identify through the Ecolabel certificate. This distinctive label is recognised throughout the European Union and, in order to obtain it, products must meet a number of very demanding requirements. 

The concentration of these cleaning products is higher, so you can use a smaller amount to obtain the same effect. In this way, the environmental impact is reduced.

Why choose a product with the ECOLABEL eco-label?

The eco-label is awarded on the basis of a number of criteria related to the toxicity of the compounds, safety or life cycle. This certificate guarantees you the following:

  • Composition free of hazardous substances.
  • Highly biodegradable product.
  • With low impact in aquatic environments.
  • Its effect on the growth of aquatic algae is limited.
  • Less packaging is used.
  • His efficiency and performance it is comparable to that of conventional products.

Buy eco-friendly cleaning products in bulk

In our shop online you have available high quality ecological cleaning products with affordable prices. Each one has different characteristics and benefits, so you can choose the one you need at all times.

Are you concerned about the impact of cleaning chemicals on the environment? You can now have the peace of mind that you are using a product that respects the environment and that it has the efficiency you demand.

Ecological degreasers, ecological multipurpose detergents, ecological floor scrubs and window cleaners, ecological descaling agents for bathrooms or ecological manual dishwashers. Everything you need to perform a deep cleaning and disinfection of surfaces on a daily basis. 

The results you will get will have nothing to envy to those you are used to with traditional chemicals. We have all the products you need to cover your needs in a work and family environment.

If you bet on buy eco-friendly cleaning products in bulk, you will be contributing to reduce the environmental impact and protect the planet.

Eco-friendly cleaning products

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