The soap dishes or soap dispensers are accessories that can not be missing in any toilet or public bathroom. Therefore, every hotel, restaurant, shopping center, clinic or sports center has at least one soap dispenser in its toilet area, since this hygiene element allows its users to wash their hands after having carried out any type of activity.

In this way, the Soap are one of the devices that must be present in any public toilet, since it is one of the fundamental elements to carry out the process of hand disinfection and sanitization Correct.

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Types of soap dispensers

In the market, we can find a wide variety of soap dispensers for hotels and restaurants. Next, we are going to make a brief review about some of the main types of soap dispensers:

  • Manual soap dispensers

To use a model of manual soap dispenser, the user must press a button or button that will allow us to extract from the device the amount of soap we need. In this way, when using this type of soap maker, the user will have to manipulate the device.

  • Automatic soap dispensers

This class of soap dispensers have the latest technological innovations, as it includes a motion sensor that detects the hands of the users, subsequently dispensed the soap. In this way, through the use of an automatic soap dispenser, the user will not have to be in direct contact with this accessory to be able to use it.

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Find the best automatic soap dispensers

Both in our physical store and on our website, you can find not only the best automatic soap dispensers, which have multiple functionalities; but we also have a wide variety of cleaning products of all kinds.

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We also have liquid soap or foam dispensers, as well as hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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