One of the priorities of every company of cleaning products it should be to think about the well-being and comfort of the client, since this will make them decide to choose our business, despite the great offer that may exist.

For this reason, hotels, restaurants, sports centers and other places of leisure and restoration, usually include in their area of toilets cleaning folded paper dispensers that customers can use to clean or dry their hands, as well as to perform any other type of task.

Therefore, there are different types of cleaning folded paper dispensers in the market, so that we can acquire the one that best suits our needs. Here are some of the most popular types:

  • Autocut paper dispensers:

This type of device distributes each service automatically. In this way, for each use you will get a service, which contributes to making responsible use of the paper, thus avoiding its waste.

  • Folded paper towel dispensers

This type of dispensers are used with folded paper towel, which is divided into services linked by a pre-cut and easy to separate line of points. In this way, in the same use we can cut as many services as we think necessary.

  • Central Extraction Paper Dispensers

In this case, we find a dispenser that houses a roll of cleaning paper inside, which is not divided into services. This type of dispensers are more focused to be used by cleaning professionals, in order to sanitize different types of surfaces.

In Límpialo Todo, your distributor of articles and products for professional cleaning, we have different types of cleaning folded paper dispensers manufactured not only with durable and resistant materials, but available in different colors and finishes.

Find the best models folded paper dispensers for cleaning taking a full look at our catalog.

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