The cellulose paper tablecloths they are perfect for a single diner or for tables where there is a large number of them. Thanks to these elements, you will protect your furniture from all kinds of stains. In addition, it is a very simple tablecloth to manipulate, so it becomes a very useful tool to prepare a table.

Among the benefits of using disposable paper tablecloths they emphasize the speed to place them, remove them from the tables and clean the area. Another of them is that they take up much less space than fabric ones and can be stored in a different way.

Its flexibility gives you the opportunity to personalize the moment. They are very practical, functional and give free rein to your creativity. In addition, using this type of tablecloths is very hygienic and represent considerable savings in laundry and ironing.

We have two models of disposable white tablecloths: individual or for full tables. Both are made with top quality material and you can buy them at affordable prices.

Disposable tablecloths for hospitality

In the HORECA sector, the disposable paper tablecloths they are a great ally. Being a throwaway product, the preparation of the tables is considerably streamlined. After each use you just have to remove it and proceed to clean the table, which will also save a considerable sum of money in laundries.

Despite being a paper tablecloth, the quality should not be left in the background. It is important that your finish is absorbent and thick. In this way, you are sending your customers an important message: "I take care of the quality of everything you are going to use or consume".

Use a paper tablecloth it does not imply that your establishment is not elegant. In fact, it is increasingly common to find disposable tablecloths in the hospitality industry. The important thing is the way you present the table and make a good impression

We have disposable hospitality tablecloths available as the individual tablecloths that you can use for the midday menus. But we have also thought about the nights, in which a tablecloth that covers the table completely is usually used. In this way, the table is left with a more elegant appearance.

Get your paper tablecloths and streamline your services.

Disposable tablecloths for hospitality

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