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One of the biggest claims in both hotels and sports centers are, without a doubt, swimming pools. A good pool is one of the extras that customers value the most and, therefore, one of our most powerful instruments to capture them.

However, the maintenance of a swimming pool it is not a simple task, and requires constant care and revisions that will help us keep the water in an optimal state for bathing.

Therefore, for its correct maintenance we need to make use of products for swimming pools, whose formula is specifically designed to keep the water clean and free of microorganisms harmful to our health.

In Clean It All Up, we have all the products for swimming pools that you need to carry out its maintenance in a simple and effective way. Visit our website and find the best products for pool cleaning.

Essential products for the maintenance of swimming pools

If you're new to this world, you probably won't have a clue what products are necessary for pool care. Therefore, below, we will make a small guide that will help you to know better the products for the maintenance of swimming pools:

  • Chlorine

Chlorine, along with bromine, are the two main chemicals used for water disinfection. In this way, chlorine is responsible for eliminating any harmful microorganism that could cause us some type of problem for our health. Likewise, chlorine is the most used product for the maintenance of swimming pools, due not only to its effectiveness but also to its economical price.

  • Clarifiers

Clarifiers, also known as flocculants, are the products that are responsible for maintaining the clear and transparent water, thus preventing it from becoming cloudy, foaming or presenting traces of sun creams or other types of fatty residues. To make the water completely crystal clear, you should use these products for pool maintenance on a weekly basis.

  • Algaecide

This product is completely essential for prevent the appearance of algae in our pool. Algae usually appear despite the fact that the water is disinfected, since they are usually produced by external agents such as rain, winds or temperature changes. Therefore, it is very important both to clean the water in the pool and to use algaecides every week, since this way you can eradicate them more easily.

Find everything you need for pool treatment

In Clean It All, our shop of cleaning products, we have all the necessary chemicals to properly carry out the maintenance of your pool.

Therefore, our products for the treatment of swimming pools they are characterized by offering you great results, allowing your pool to look a completely clean and transparent water in a short time.

Find the best chemicals to get started with pool treatment by taking a full look at our catalog.

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