PQ-DERMO - Gel/Cream Shampoo Bath


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Gel-Champú cream bath

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PQ-DERMO it is a cream of soap specially developed for the skin and hair care. It contains moisturizing agents that are absorbed by the skin restoring its balance and avoiding its dehydration.

It has a protective action that forms a film against external aggressions and prevents the loss of natural moisture. It is enriched with a silk protein that provides maximum softness.

Product to be used pure on the skin by means of dosing devices in showers or washbasins


Aspect:Yellow liquid
PH at 25 oC5.8 concentrate
Boiling point:> 100oC
Melting point:<0o C
Flash point:Non-flammable.
Explosion limits:Not applicable.
Oxidizing properties:Not applicable.
Density relative to 20oC:1.02 g/cm3
Solubility:Total in water
Viscosity8,000- 10,000 cPs
Stability at 20oC :Stable under normal conditions of use.

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