MARFOOT BIOALCOHOL LEMON - Neutral bioalcohol soils


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Floor cleaners / scrubs CLEANING BIOALCOHOL NEUTRO LIM. 

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MARFOOT BIOALCOHOL LEMON It's a sinks/cleanfloors Neutral. being a soapy cleaner for floor cleaning. Soapy cleaner detergent specially designed to clean surfaces that require special care. It contains soaps, surfactants and bioalcohols that in addition to cleaning effectively leave a fresh aroma of lemon. It does not leave traces on the surfaces so it is not necessary to rinse afterwards with water, maintaining the natural brightness of the surface where it is applied.


Its use is recommended for manual cleaning on all types of surfaces, plastics, floors, ceramic floors, marble, granite, tiles, and in general on all types of surfaces even painted ones, which require special care in its cleaning..


Dilute to 1% in water, (approximately 50 ml. in half a bucket of water, 5 liters) and apply by mop.

  • To remove difficult stains apply to greater concentration, even without dilution.
  • No need to clarify.
  • The product does not leave any residues or whitish debris on surfaces once dry.


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